Hopes and Dreams

I have been working steady for over three months now and I feel like a break is needed very much. I am going to talk to my boss tomorrow morning about taking a week off next month. I think I am going to plan out a trip to London. I have always wanted to visit the historical landmarks there like the Eiffel Tower and all the other beautiful places. If I do end up going I was told the London escort agency is very helpful when it comes to having fun and exploring the city. I am having all these thoughts about what I will do, I am just hoping my boss will allow me to take the time off. If he doesn’t than I will just have to shoot for next year.

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First Day of Business

I flew into London late last night and only got a few hours of sleep before having to wake up and head to the business meeting. I hate these short notice trips that I keep being sent on with very little preparation. The meeting was all day, in other words – painfully long, especially with my body not adjusting at all to the time difference.

At least people speak English here. My last trip to Japan was a bit of a disaster. Because of the short notice my company did provide me with a free chinese massage London. The parlor was just a short walk from my hotel, so I went straight away after the meeting wrapped up. It was totally worth it. I wish they’d set me up with more complimentary stuff for the amount of trouble they keep causing me. It’s usually just dinner with clients paid for with the company credit card.

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Less Than Impressed

I have been married to my husband for about twelve years now. Our anniversary is in two months, but I will NOT be celebrating it with him. About six months ago I found out that he has been having discreet fuck buddy affairs throughout our entire marriage. I have to say I was less than impressed. It did not hurt as bad as I thought it would. Mainly because I feel like I have been falling out of love with him. If I would have found out years ago, I would have been torn apart. When I called out my husband for his actions, he was rather surprised that I didn’t scream and flip out. I almost think it hurt him that I wasn’t bothered my the whole situation. I always say its better to obtain a strong appearance rather than showing your weak side.

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Poor Economy

I worked for a great company for over ten years and they ended up going out of business because of the economy. My last day of work was on a Friday and everyone was so sad and crying, we were all off to new jobs at separate locations.

I was sent to a job a couple of cities away and I hated it the very first day that I started. It was the starting new and learning about all the policies and procedures all over again. There were a couple of girls that I met right away when I was training and they helped me out a lot.

I was very thankful to meet a girl named Sue because she was very nice, attractive and flirting. Of course she did not act like this when the boss was around. It only took me about one week of talking to her and we became fuck buddies instantly!

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Blessed By The Good Lord

I have made so many friends since I started working with the Monaco escorts company! There are four of us girls that hang out non-stop when we are not out on our dates. We usually hang out at my house because I have plenty to keep us busy.

I have a wet bar down in my basement fully stocked with every single type of drink that you want. My tanning bed that I just bought two weeks ago keeps us all very tan for free. I have a pool table in my basement to be competitive and shoot some stick. On those hot miserable summer days we can just open up my sliding glass door, take a couple of steps and just hop right in!

I cherish my friends that I have made and we are all living pretty large, I feel like it was my calling and am blessed by the good LORD above!

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A Charter To Remember

I went on a fishing charter with my father last summer and we plan to do another one this year. Myself and my father had the best time that we have shared in years, probably since I was a little kid. We covered over 3,000 miles of water that day in the very hot sun. The boat did provide us with all the drinks that we wanted and some finger foods to munch on during the day. A lot of people were on the boat that day and I thought that it was a little crowded.

The captain knew right where the great fishing spots were and we pulled fish out of the water left and right. One of the girls that was really into fishing would not take the fish off of her hook, so I helped her just about every time being the gentleman that I am. Later that night I went out with her and found out the she was a Manchester escorts companion, she satisfied me for free for my thoughtful duties!

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So Ashamed of Myself

I put the blame on my best friend for what happened last weekend. We were just supposed to go to the club and winded up going to some random guys house for a party. We left around midnight and went straight back to my place. Some guy at the party gave me his number so i decided to give him a call before I headed off to bed. What I thought was going to be a normal conversation ended up being some heated mature phone sex. The next morning the same guy called me again. I was so embarrassed that I just let my phone go to voice mail so I didn’t have to explain anything. I know everyone does stupid things when they drink, but I feel so ashamed about everything that happened that night.

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Dad’s Dancing Partner

My mother and father went through a divorce about 5 years ago. They both live on their own and are not in any type of a relationship. About 6 months ago our cousin was getting married and we all had to attend the wedding. My father was not going to show up until the reception started because he had to work late.

When he walked in I could not believe my eyes, he was with another woman! I never heard of him dating anyone and I was very shocked, so was my mother. Later on that night the woman got up to use the restroom and I asked him who she was. He said that she was from the Derby escort agency service and that he wanted someone that he could dance with at the reception.

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